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Thursday, 22 November 2018

Wells, Wareham, Wighton and Railways

River Stiffkey

A 9 miles circular walk that follows the Walsingham light railway from Wells-next-the-sea to Wighton with a return along tracks that make up National Cycle Route 1

This is a short circular walk taking in the villages of Warham and Wighton just inland from Wells and following the route of the Wells and Walsingham light railway. There is plenty to see along the route including paying a visit to the old Wells-next-the-sea Railway Station, which is now a fascinating second hand book shop and pottery studio. There is an iron age fort known as Warham Camp in the fields between Warham and Wighton and return is via the curiously named Gallow Hill on the Holkham estate. There are two pubs on route, the Carpenters Arms at Wighton and the Three Horseshoes at Warham, a pub with real old world character full of curiosities which is worth the walk alone.

Sunday, 6 February 2022

Hunstanton to Wells Night Walk

Hunstanton to Wells Night Walk

A challenge walk along the Norfolk Coast between Hunstanton and Wells

An evening and night walk along the Norfolk Coast between Hunstanton and Wells. This coastline changes with the time of day and although many walk this during the daytime, the evening and night provides a whole new insight to the path as well as seeing very few folk about.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Holkham to Wells Circular Walk

A 9 mile circular walk along the North Norfolk Coast between Holkham and Wells-next-the-sea

An alternative to the North Norfolk Coast Path, which follows the landward side of the large belt of pine trees known as Holkham Pines, is to walk along the glorious sandy Holkham beach. This was such a well worth experience with acres upon acres of sandy beach and dunes. With clear blue skies and a little sunshine this makes for a superb walk at any time of the year. The Albatros, a sailing ship that is permanently moored at Wells Quay provides some fine and simple lunches including fresh mussels which provide a fitting half way point to this walk. The return uses the tracks around the Holkham estate taking in views of the hall, the lake and obelisk.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Completion of The Woodfordes Ale Trail 2011

The Woodfordes Ale Trail ended on 30th September and it was time to total up our stamps and collect our prizes. To recollect the rules, one has to visit Woodfordes outlets that are contained in their 2011 guide and on purchasing a pint of Woodfordes ale the publican will add an entry to the Trail Card with a unique stamp. There is only one stamp allowed for each venue and the trail only runs from June to the end of September. There is a different prize for collecting multiples of 10 stamps with the top prize being a polypin of ale for 60 stamps. In 2009 we managed to fill 2 Trail Cards and had started a third giving us a bounty of 2 polypins and a Nelsons Revenge t-shirt. This year we were not as successful due to being away from the area for a few weeks over the summer months. The end result was that we only completed half of the card. Nonetheless, this was thirty stamps collected which was rewarded with a mighty fine Woodfordes Hoody worth £25 as modelled by Kat in the photo above, an item that will most certainly keep us warm on our camping and walking expeditions

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

In Search of the myths and legends of Stiffkey

Freshes creek

An 8.5 mile walk along a section of the Norfolk Coast Path between Wells-next-the-Sea and Morston, with a diversion through the village of Stiffkey.

Stiffkey (locally pronounced Stewkey) is referred to as Stivecai in the Domesday Book, which means "island of tree stumps". This is thought to relate to the remains of an ancient wooden structure dating back 8,000 years, that was found on the marsh. Today it is a sleepy little village on the North Norfolk Coast Road renowned for its topiary including a line of elephants all trunk to tail at Nellie's Cottage, a guitar sitting proudly atop a hedge at the home of a guitar teacher and a fox by the gate post of the Fox family's house. It does, nevertheless, have an intriguing recent history with stories of Black Shuck, the ghostly devil dog, and the tale of the infamous Reverend Harold Davidson, Rector of Stiffkey who was defrocked in a national scandal involving ladies of the night and ended up being mauled by a lion.

Saturday, 26 January 2019

Norfolk Coast Path - Cley to Wells-next-the-Sea

Marshes near Blakeney

A 10 mile walk following the Norfolk Coast Path between Cley and Wells-next-the-Sea

An easy walk along the Norfolk Coast Path navigating out across the marshes to Blakeney then along the marsh perimeter to Wells. Blakeney is a worthy stopping point to explore Mariners Hill and the Guildhall and take in the legends of the Blakeney tunnels and the tragic story of the Blakeney Fiddler who is depicted on the village sign.

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Norfolk Coast Path - Wells-next-the-Sea to Burnham Overy Staithe

Burnham Overy Staithe

A 7 mile walk following the North Norfolk Coast Path between Wells-next-the-Sea and Burnham Overy Staithe

This amble includes some magnificent beach walking along the sands in front of the Holkham National Nature Reserve. Acres upon acres of golden sand when the tide is out with big skies and thousands upon thousands of razor shells which are washed up on the high tide mark. The walk ends at Burnham Overy Staithe, the quiet hamlet which is said to be where Nelson learnt to row and sail.

Monday, 26 February 2018

A Norfolk Ramble around the Burnhams

Holkham Hall lake

A 16 mile circular walk from Wells-next-the-sea taking in Burnham Thorpe, Burnham Market and Burnham Norton

This full days walk has everything to offer the adventurous rambler. There is a wander through the stately grounds of Holkham Hall in order to reach the humble church at Burnham Thorpe with its tributes to Norfolk's most famous son, Lord Nelson who was born and grew up in the area. Country lanes lead down to Burnham Market and the church of the old parish of Burnham Ulph. Heading down to the coast there is the church of Burnham Norton with its resplendent medieval paintings. The ramble returns along the vast expansive beaches in front of Holkham.

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Ouse Valley Way - Oakley to Carlton

Ouse Valley Way

A 13 mile North Bedfordshire walk along the Ouse Valley Way between Oakley and Carlton taking in the charming villages of Pavenham, Sharnbrook, and Odell.

Although the Ouse Valley Way does not actually go into Oakley, there is a convenient bus stop here that links the two ends to this walk. The bus stop is a mile or so from the river, from where there is a footpath which joins the official route at Stevington and then winds its way through the rolling Bedfordshire countryside. There's plenty to see and explore along the route with medieval river bridges, the Holywell at Stevington, the ghostly tales of Odell and the picturesque villages of Pavenham, Radwell, Sharnbrook, and Harrold. Although many of the villages pubs have finally closed their doors for good in recent years, there are still convenient refreshment stops on route.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

The Iceni Way - Kings Lynn to Hunstanton

Castle Rising

A 20 mile walk along the Kings Lynn to Hunstanton section of the Iceni Way

There is no official footpath or right of way to walk the complete distance along the coast between Kings Lynn and Hunstanton. It can be done by navigating the defence banks and farm tracks and ignoring the odd 'No Access' sign. However, an alternative walk to link these two towns is to use the Iceni Way. This is a walk designated by the Ramblers using existing tracks and footpaths linking the interesting and scenic villages of Castle Rising, Sandringham and Dersingham before it navigates back to the shores of the Wash at Snettisham. With vast expanses of sand when the tide is out, this part of the coast is truly an awe-inspiring sight looking across towards Boston and Skegness. You can walk out for miles before the sea is reached.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

A Walk along the Bure Valley Path

A 9 mile walk along Norfolk's Bure Valley Path between Aylsham and Wroxham

The Bure Valley Path follows the former Great Eastern Railway trackbed alongside the Bure Valley Narrow Gauge Railway. There are outstanding views of the river Bure and stops on route at Brampton, Buxton and Coltishall. Being a former trackbed gives a well drained path so the route is suitable for all weathers.

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

The Aftermath of the 2013 Storm Surge - Blakeney, Cley and Salthouse

Salthouse marshes

A 4 mile beach walk to witness the damage caused by the 2013 Storm Surge along the shingle bank between Cley and Salthouse

The December 2013 Storm Surge caused widespread flooding of the marshes and sea defences along the North Norfolk Coast, resulting in the closure of the Coast path between Blakeney and Cley. It is still possible to walk out to the beach from Cley village via the road where a walk along the shingle will astound those who have walked this section prior to the December storm. The shingle ridge has been levelled, with the excess cast across the marshes.

Thursday, 24 February 2022

Norfolk Coast Path - Heacham to Brancaster

Heacham to Brancaster

A walk of beach, prom, dunes and marsh. A thoroughly varied landscape all told

From the cliffs of Hunstanton to the marshes of Thornham, this walk gives a variety of scenery. The Norfolk Coast Path is an excellent way to explore this part of the British Coast and what better way to start than at the westerly end. Even though Hunstanton is the official start, there is a promenade from Heacham for those wanting to go that little bit farther. There's long sandy beaches, there's multi-coloured cliffs, there's dunes, marshes, nature reserves and creeks and even a Norfolk hill from where where you can view across The Wash to Skegness on a clear day. With excellent public transport links, plenty of watering holes and accommodation, this is indeed a most thoroughly recommended walk.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Happisburgh to Winterton Beach Walk

Happisburgh from Eccles

An 11 mile beach walk between along the Norfolk coast from Happisburgh to Winterton

Providing the tide is right, this is a fantastic beach walk with miles of golden sand and, if you are lucky, the sight of seals basking in the sunshine. Probably one of the best beach walks on this coastline.

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Nar Valley Way - Narborough to Dereham

Newton Mill

A 22 mile walk along the Nar Valley Way from Narborough to Dereham

This route is full of historic features including ruins of priories and castles as well as magnificent halls and watermills. The walk provides a varied landscape with woodland trails, riverside paths and saunters across open fields of this pleasant Norfolk countryside. Although a lengthy section of the Nar Valley Way there is plenty of time to accomplish the feat with late buses linking the two ends.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

The Wherrymans Way - Rockland to Loddon

Hardley Drainage Mill

A 15 mile walk along Norfolks Wherrymans Way

The only way one can see the sights of the River Yare is to either sail the river or walk the Wherrymans Way. Even in a boat one cannot get as good a view as the path along the heightened defence banks. This is stereotypical Norfolk in all its glory and although it is a lengthy section of walking, it is well worth the effort.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Walk Around the Wash - Fosdyke to Sutton Bridge

River Nene at Scott Lighthouse

An 18 mile along the sea defence banks from Fosdyke to Sutton Bridge

A fairly extensive walk into the wide open expanse of the Wash along defence banks that lead the way around the extremities of the reclaimed land. It is awe-inspiring, it is remote. An RAF bombing range occupies a length of the furthermost parts but this does not restrict the use of the path. The eastern side of this walk is said to be the area that King John lost the crown jewels in the 13th century when he attempted to cross the Wash.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Ouse Valley Way - Bedford to St Neots

River Ouse, Eaton Socon

A 17 mile riverside walk along the Ouse Valley Way between Bedford and St Neots

Despite the increasing urbanisation between Bedord and St Neots, the riverside sections of this walk provide some pleasant rambles. Particularly notable is the 15th century river bridge at Great Barford and the riverside parks at St Neots.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

2013 Storm Surge at Sizewell and Thorpeness

The strange egg-shaped object on the left is most likely a piece of fallen cliff

A walk at high tide of the 2013 Storm Surge between Sizewell and Thorpeness

This is a photographic excursion of the 2013 Storm Surge down the Suffolk Coast. With media firmly concentrated on events in South Africa the only real way to find out was happening was to visit this destructive storm surge oneself. Although this part of Suffolk was relatively unscathed it still presented awe-inspiring seas and crashing waves.

Friday, 6 December 2019

A Country Amble between Leiston and Saxmundham

Broad footpath marked out across the fields to Saxmundham

A 5 mile walk across the Coastal Suffolk landscape between Leiston and Saxmundham

This walk searches out footpaths to connect the neighbouring towns of Leiston and Suffolk. Although there is no direct route, the paths chosen are certainly more conducive to the walker than the busy road route. With the churches of Leiston and Knodishall on the route, plus the mysterious Harris's Pit in the parish of Sternfield there is enough to interest the avid rambler. Sternfield also has the notoriety of being the village from which the last woman to be burnt at the stake in England came.

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