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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Griffmonsters Great Walks Facebook Page

Griffmonsters Facebook Page

Griffmonster Great Walks website also has a Griffmonster Great Walks Facebook page dedicated to walks and all things walking. Take a look and find more info and anecdotes and photos about walks and walking-

The Griffmonster Walks website was started some years ago with the intention of recording walk details for the benefit of other walkers. The original idea has now far surpassed the simple recording of basic details and each new walk that appears on this site includes extensive notes and features. This inevitably involves a lot of research which takes time and effort to compile resulting in less frequent additions to the site. There are many more walks waiting in the wings to be added to the site and these write-ups will eventually be completed.

As a method of keeping up to date, the Facebook page was created where immediate information can be added. This can be from research conducted or from new walks undertaken or simple notes and observations, and includes,

  • New walk routes and maps
  • Photos and information
  • News links to other trails and websites
  • Information of pubs

All in all, the Griffmonster Great Walks Facebook page is there to compliment the Griffmonster Great Walks, and Griffmonster Great Rhodes Walks websites. Please do visit the page and add comments and your own thoughts.


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