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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Alton Water Reservoir Walk

Daisies at Alton Water

An 8 mile walk around Suffolk's Alton Water Reservoir

Located on the Shotley peninsular, the Alton Water Reservoir provides an easy walk around its water. A self contained circular route that needs little in the way of maps. Just keep the water on your left and keep walking! The mixed variety of landscapes of open meadow, woods and even the hills on the northern side of the reservoir provide a constant changing scenery throughout the walk.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Gipping Valley Way - Needham Market to Ipswich

near Pipps Ford

An 12 mile walk following Suffolk's River Gipping between Needham Market and Ipswich

A riverside walk tracing the route of the River Gipping as it heads through Suffolk to join the tidal waters of the Orwell at Ipswich. A gentle ambling route that twists and turns through the countryside which presents a perfect summers walk.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Deben Estuary - Melton to Bawdsey

View across the Deben estuary

A 15 mile river side walk along the Deben Estuary in Suffolk between the villages of Melton and Bawdsey

This walk follows river side footpaths with spectacular views across the estuary. Unfortunately at Ramsholt there is no public access and one needs to divert through to the village of Alderton with a road walk for the last few miles to Bawdsey. A ferry crossing an a short walk into Felixstowe provides public transport access back to Melton

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Sandlings Walk - Martlesham to Rushmere Heath

Martlesham Heath Control Tower Museum

A 4.5 mile walk across heathland from Martlesham to Rushmere Heath on the eastern fringes of Ipswich

Like most modern towns, Ipswich is suffering from a seemingly endless amount of urban sprawl that envelops the traditional villages that once surrounded it. However, this walk follows heathland that is hidden behind the housing estates all the way from Martlesham through to Rushmere Heath and Ipswich Hospital

Monday, 3 December 2012

The Fonnereau Way to Ipswich

Christchurch Park

A 12 mile walk between Woodbridge and Ipswich incorporating sections from the Fonnereau Way, the Sandlings and the Fynn Valley Way

This walk links the railway stations of Woodbridge, Westerfield and Ipswich with scenic views along the estuary at Woodbridge and the Fynn Valley before entering Ipswich from the west through the historic parkland known as Christchurch park which dates from the 12th century which includes many historic features and a mansion that is open to the public.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Suffolk Coast Path - Snape to Felixstowe

Looking bck towards Shingle Street from Bawdsey

A 21 mile walk along the Suffolk Coast Path between Snape and Felixstowe

This is the most remote section of the Suffolk Coast Path and follows the Butley River down to Shingle Street and then continues along the coast to the ferry at Bawdsey. There is an eerie sense of foreboding when walking this section. The solitude. The windswept landscape. The distant silhouettes of the Orfordness Pagodas. The lonely river. One can walk virtually the entire distance without seeing a soul and the only company is the decaying remains of WWII defences and the looming martello towers from Napoleonic times.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

A Walk to Languard Fort

A 10 mile walk along the Stour and Orwell Path from Trimley to Languard Fort via Felixstowe Ferry

Taking the inland route of the Stour and Orwell Path, this walk navigates down to the Kings Fleet and along the banks of the River Deben to Felixstowe Ferry, the setting of a Black Shuck tale from many years ago. The route then follows the coast past three Martello Towers and on to historic Languard Fort, where a military defence has stood since the 1500's.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Stour and Orwell Walk - Felixstowe to Ipswich

A 17 mile walk along the banks of the Orwell River in Suffolk starting at Felixstowe and ending in the centre of Ipswich

The Stour and Orwell path is an extension to the southern end of the Suffolk Coast Path and follows the coast along the estuaries of the Orwell and the Stour. The start of the walk is characterised by the earthen river defences along which the footpath navigates. From Levington Creek an alternative route gives a change of scenery as it passes through the quaint Suffolk village of Levington and then down through Broke Hall Woods to Nacton. Unfortunately the grounds around Orwell Park House are private and it is not until one reaches the Orwell Country Park that the views of the river are regained which are dominated by the vast structure of the Orwell Bridge. The final stage through to the centre of Ipswich was surprisingly green despite the urban surroundings, walking through Pipers Vale, Landseer Park and Holywells Park.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fynn Valley Circular Walk

A 16 mile walk along the Suffolk Fynn Valley between Woodbridge and Witnesham, with a return route via Grundisburgh and Hasketon.

The Fynn Valley Walk is an official waymarked route following the course of the River Fynn from Witnesham to Martlesham then continuing through to Woodbridge along the banks of the River Deben. For this walk, the Fynn Valley route is walked in reverse then public footpaths are used across the fields to Grundisburgh and Hasketon and back down into Woodbridge to make a circular walk.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

An Amble up the Deben Estuary

Felixstowe Ferry

A 15 mile walk along the River Deben in Suffolk, starting at Felixstowe and ending in Woodbridge

The majority of the southern side of the Deben estuary has walkable tidal defence paths although some of have been rendered impassable due to erosion. This gives the opportunity for a change of scene to walk along the quiet country lanes between Waldringfield and Martlesham Creek. Waldringfield is a popular village with a little beach, a sailing club and the May Bush pub overlooking the river and giving rest and refreshment for the weary walker.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Ipswich to Shotley Gate

A walk along the Shotley Peninsular
A 14 mile walk along the banks of the River Orwell in Suffolk between Ipswich and Shotley Gate.
The Stour and Orwell path is an extension to the southern end of the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Path and follows the coast and heaths along the estuaries of the Orwell and the Stour, going up to Ipswich, then back out to the Shotley peninsula before returning to Cattawade. I have always thought about walking this path as it is so close to home but have never attempted it until recently. On 22 May 2010 we walked the section from Felixstowe to Ipswich and this is the continuation of that walk.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Sandlings Walk - Ipswich to Melton

boat on Deben estuary

The start of the Sandlings can be found in several points in Ipswich but we chose Rushmere Heath opposite Ipswich hospital. One thing about Ipswich is that it always reminds you that it is there despite the peacefulness of the Heath. There is constant background noise of sirens, traffic, distant motorbikes.Once past Martlesham you are then in the serenity of the countryside with all the delights of the river Deben and Martlesham Creek.


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