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Saturday, 4 August 2018

Weavers Way - Stalham to Aylsham Walk Summary

Salt marsh

A walk along the dismantled M&GN railway from Stalham to Aylsham

This walk is the Railway section of the Weavers Way, a 60 mile long distance trail through the eastern side of Norfolk. This section follows the former M&GN railway trackbed from Stalham to Aylsham and there is plenty of evidence of the former railway with the stations of Honing and Felmingham still retaining their platforms and some structures and many typical railway style bridges throughout the trail.

Originally named as the Great Yarmouth and Stalham Light Railway when the first section was constructed in 1876, it changed its name to the Yarmouth and North Norfolk Light Railway with the extension to North Walsham in 1878. In 1881, in conjunction with the Lynn and Fakenham Railway a link between Melton Constable and North Walsham via Aylsham was added together with the light railway being converted to a full standard gauge line.

The 20th century saw this railway amalgamated into the Midland and Great Northern Railway, before combining into the LNER grouping. Post war saw its merger into the nationalised British Rail.

The line lasted until 1959 when it was deemed to be loss making and, along with many of Norfolk's railways, it closed down for good. The former railway line has now become part of the Weavers Way long distance trail as well as a designated county wildlife site and the cutting close to Felmingham has become a butterfly nature reserve.

The former railway has to be left at North Walsham where the modern road uses its route through the town. This provides a half way point of this walk and enables the hiker to peruse North Walsham as well as provide plenty of places to rest and refresh oneself before continuing onto Aylsham. The Hop Inn is always a recommended place to visit for those who like their ale. This micro pub serves six ever changing ales along with simple snacks and is always a hub of activity with conversation being the main entertainment of its customers.

There is no direct public transport link between the two ends of this walk and one requires to either use Cromer or Norwich as a link. In this instance Sanders Buses offers the number 6 service from Cromer to Stalham and to return there is the 44 servcie from Aylsham to Cromer.

Monday, 11 July 2016

North Walsham to Bacton Woods Circular Walk

wonky telegraph poles near Ebridge Mill pond

An 7 mile circular walk connecting the Norfolk town of North Walsham with Bacton Woods

The Norfolk countryside holds a lot of hidden gems and this walk discovers a few. The route uses country lanes and footpaths to provide an easy circular ramble. The woods are worth the effort and hold a hidden secret of the location of a gibbet on which, during the late 18th century, William Suffolk's body was hanged in chains for his murderous deeds. The return route passes the iconic Ebridge Mill and then leads onto the Weavers Way for the final section back to North Walsham

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Paston Way - North Walsham to Mundesley

Edingthorpe church

An 11 mile walk along Norfolk's Paston Way between North Walsham and Mundesley

The Paston Way is a veritable Trail around some of East Norfolk's medieval churches. This section includes the delights of North Walsham, Edingthorpe, Knapton, Paston and Bacton. Although all are impressive, it it the small church at Edingthorpe which must not be missed, a treasure to behold.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Dads Army Weekend 2015

Dont panic Mr Mainwaring

An easy 9 mile Norfolk coastal walk to visit the Dads Army weekend hosted on the North Norfolk Railway

The third episode of the sixth series of the popular British comedy series Dad's Army was titled 'The Royal Train' in which King George VI was due to pass through Walmington-on-Sea and the platoon were to form a guard of honour. The location chosen to film this episode was Weybourne station on the North Norfolk Railway and each year this is celebrated with a Dad's Army weekend where a group of enthusiasts from the Dads Army Museum in Thetford re-enact this memorable episode.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Weavers Way - Cromer to Aylsham

Felbrigg Hall

A 17 mile walk along Norfolk's Weavers Way from Cromer to Aylsham

Historic halls, stately homes and ancient commons and villages are what typifies this northern section of the Weavers Way. This really is a typical old English scene throughout making a most pleasurable all day walk. There are numerous pubs along the route which serve both ale and food.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Folklore Trail around East Runton

Railway bridge at the end of Thains Lane with Inclborough Hill in the background

A 4 mile walk between East Runton and Cromer searching out old folklore

Using country lanes and tracks, this circular trail navigates around a East Runton to visit the various locations in Runtons history and folklore. Woodhill House is the location of an unidentified skeleton found during road widening. Thains Lane has the village's old smithy. The old Windmill sets the scene for the emanation of ghostly lights that crossed over to a copse. With a pub stop at Cromer and return via the redefined course of the Norfolk Coast Path, this makes for an excellent short walk on a spooky Autumn evening.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Norfolk Coast Path between Blakeney and Cley - Latest Developments

Repaired defence bank close to Blakeney

The future of the 2.5 mile walk along the sea defences between Cley and Blakeney

The December 2013 Storm Surge caused major damage to the sea defences along the Norfolk Coast Path that encompasses the Blakeney Freshes. Work is currently being carried out to repair the breaches, however the long term future of both the Freshes and the coast path at this point is uncertain.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Happisburgh to Winterton Beach Walk

Happisburgh from Eccles

An 11 mile beach walk between along the Norfolk coast from Happisburgh to Winterton

Providing the tide is right, this is a fantastic beach walk with miles of golden sand and, if you are lucky, the sight of seals basking in the sunshine. Probably one of the best beach walks on this coastline.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Mundesley to Happisburgh Circular Walk

Coastline from Mundesley to Happisburgh

A 13 mile walk between the Norfolk coastal villages of Mundesley and Happisburgh

This walk comprises of a circular route taking in both the beach and the cliff-top paths between the two Norfolk coastal villages of Mundesley and Happisburgh. The centre of this walk is at Walcott where the cliffs recede and access to the beach is obtainable. This enables the walker to customise this route according to tidal conditions as both Happisburgh and Bacton beaches can be cut off by high tides.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Aftermath of the 2013 Storm Surge - Cromer and Sheringham

Damaged Beach huts

A 6 mile beach walk to witness the damage caused by the 2013 Storm Surge at Cromer and Sheringham

Both Cromer and Sheringham bore the brunt of the storm surge on the night of December 5th 2013. Although repair work is well under way there are still the signs of what damage the sea can cause. There have also been many cliff falls along this length of coastline with the cliff faces providing a fascinating view sculptured by the weather and tides and offering multi coloured strata.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Paston Way - Trimingham to Cromer

St Botolphs church, Trunch

A 13 mile walk along Norfolk's Paston Way from Trimingham to Cromer.

Another interesting branch of the Paston Way which provides a wander past the parish Churches of Trimingham, Trunch, Bradfield and Southrepps as well as the local village pubs which are obligingly open all day on a Sunday. The final stretch from Northrepps into Cromer offers an alternative wander past Sally Beans Cottage, renowned for being the lookout from the old Smuggling days of the 17th century.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Alternative Coast Path Route from Sheringham to Cley

View from the hillside between Salthouse and Cley

A 10 mile walk following the North Norfolk Coast Path between Sheringham and Cley

This walk takes diversions from the official route of the North Norfolk Coast Path, firstly to visit the North Norfolk Railway and the Priory Ruins at Weybourne and then diverting away from the strenuous shingle walk along the coast to a more gentle amble up to the village of Salthouse and across the hills to Cley. This provides a scenic and interesting alternative to the official route of the North Norfolk Coast Path and gives some spectacular views across the marshes from the hillside between Salthouse and Cley.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Norfolk Coast Path - Cromer to Sheringham

Beeston Bump

A 6 mile walk along the original route of the Norfolk Coast Path between Cromer and Sheringham

Up until December 2014 the official route of the Norfolk Coast Path from its start at Cromer Pier through to Sheringham navigated inland along the hills of the Cromer Ridge, the highest ground in Norfolk. This original route can still be walked and contrasts with the cliff-top route of the realigned path which is now part of the England Coast Path. With shady lanes and tracks through the woodland, spectacular views from the summit of Beacon Hill and the challenging ascent to the iconic Beeston Bump, this walk is a worthwhile excursion from the coastal route.

Friday, 20 July 2012

North Norfolk Railway Beer Festival 2012

Beer Festival

The 11th North Norfolk Railway beer festival

Once again the North Norfolk Railway came up with another outstanding beer festival. Over 100 ales plus ciders were on offer in the perfect surroundings of a working steam railway together with live music. Carriages on platform 2 gave ample seating and cover for the few times when rain began to fall and a bbq in a wagon offered hotdogs and burgers. In my opinion the best beer festival around!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Paston Way to Gunton - Pubs, Churches and Wartime Conspiracies

Northrepps from the lane to Overstrand

A 7 mile walk along Norfolk's Paston Way from Cromer to Gunton.

The Paston Way has a few alternative paths that stray from its main route between North Walsham and Cromer, and this walk takes the optional route out to Gunton from where a train can be taken back to Cromer. There are some worthy country pubs along this simple walk so a good old English pub crawl can also be had along with taking in the sights of the impressive churches at Northrepps and Southrepps plus local tales of wartime German conspiracies!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Holt to Mannngton Circular Walk

An 18 mile circular walk using footpaths and bridleways through the attractive Norfolk countryside between Holt Country Park and the Mannington Estate.

A wonderful autumn Friday was the setting for this walk with very few other people about. The route takes in woodland, open countryside, lanes and even a stream which one has to jump across. The majority of the route is clearly waymarked although the start in Holt country park lacks initial direction as does the section around the Mannington Estate. The only disappointment was the lack of pubs, the Hare and Hounds at Baconsthorpe having last closed its doors in 2010.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

In search of the Becks and Ponds of Beeston Regis

View from foot of Incleborough Hill

A 7 mile walk between East Runton and Sheringham in Norfolk, searching out a couple of good pubs and following Beeston Beck across Beeston Common.

This picturesque trail follows the foot of Inkleborough Hill to West Runton then navigates down to the northern end of Beeston Back Common where it follows the stream known as Beeston Beck down into Sheringham, past the site of an old watermill, now replaced by terraces of housing. Return is via West Runton with a stop at the Village Inn. At only 7 miles, this is a simple and easy afternoons stroll.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Ale Trail - Mundesley to Cromer


A beach walk along the Norfolk Coast between Mundesley and Cromer including a clifftop stroll from Cromer to Overstrand.

This section of the Norfolk Coast can only be walked when the tide allows as high tide reaches the foot of the cliffs and is impassable at Overstrand. There is frequent erosion all along the route so the scenery changes from year to year. The beach is predominantly sand with numerous groynes that present frequent obstacles to get past - sometimes decaying steps assist getting over the groynes and sometimes, at low tide or with boots and socks off, it is possible to get around the end of some of the groynes. Mostly, it involves clambering as best as you can over these eroded, seaweed covered, mussel encrusted defences but that is half the fun of it! Although there is a cliff top path from Cromer to Overstrand, which has some outstanding views, beyond this there is no official right of way and a full circular walk would involve heading inland, using the Paston Way. However, a frequent bus service links Overstrand and Mundesley to make a good and easy days coast walking.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

North Norfolk Railway Beer Festival 2011

The 10th North Norfolk Railway beer festival

There was a selection of 120 ales from around the country plus a range of ciders and perrys all for the price of £2.80 a pint. Entertainment and food was available throughout the weekend together with both diesel and steam train workings to make a truly unique event. Even the rain throughout the weekend could not dampen the enthusiasm of those attending, with plenty of shelter available in the carriages alongside Platform 2 where the beer tent was situated. This was an excellent weekend with ample opportunity for some walking along the picturesque coast to Cromer. There was also a late bus between Sheringham and Cromer calling at Woodhill saving us the walk across Beeston Bump in the dark back to the campstie at East Runton. When it comes to beer festivals you cannot beat this one.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sheringham to Cromer Circular Walk

An easy 9 mile Norfolk coastal walk along beach and clifftops between Cromer and Sheringham

The North Norfolk Coast Path sticks pretty much to the coast until it reaches Sheringham. Here, because of coastal erosion, it migrates inland up through the wooded hills past the Roman Camp before returning to Cromer. However, it is still possible to walk directly between Sheringham and Cromer, both along the shoreline at low tide and also across the cliffs (apart from a small section between Cromer and East Runton where the walker has to walk along the road). The highlight of the walk is undoubtedly Beeston Bump from where you can view the full length of the coast from Cromer to Sheringham and beyond. The beauty about this section of coast is that you can start and end at any point to make a circular walk.

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