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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Wenhaston Circular Walk

Salt marsh

A ramble of the heaths and commons around the Suffolk village of Wenhaston

This walk is one of Suffolk's hidden secrets that will not fail to impress. The village of Wenhaston lies on the back road between Blythburgh and Halesworth and is probably missed by most folk travelling in this direction.

The village is centred on a number of ancient heaths and commons which have now becomes havens of nature and which this walk navigates around. Blackheath, Church marshes, Bickers Heath are all visited on this specific walk. There is also the traditional pub in the Star Inn, unspoilt and well worth visiting for its food and range of ales. There is also a reputedly haunted area known as Peggys Stile which is located where the footpath exits onto the road just up from the pub. A stile no longer exists at this location but local folklore warns of the ghostly spectre of Peggy who, depending upon the version that is told, was either a witch or donkey.

The highlight of the walk is at the end, namely St Peter's church which hosts an artwork known as the Wenhaston Doom. This magnificent painting, which depicts the Last Judgement, dates from the late 15th century and was reputedly painted by a Blythburgh monk. The painting was discovered during Victorian restoration of the church in 1892 when the decaying whitewashed wooden boards above the chancel arch were taken down and left outside, some say to be used as firewood. That night it rained and the whitewash was washed away revealing the painting which had been hidden since the time of the reformation. What is remarkable about this painting is that, unlike other surviving medieval art which were painted onto plaster, this is still bright and vivid and is the only such example in the country.


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Leiston to Reckford Walk - Essential Information

Walk Statistics:

Start point
Leiston View in OS Map | View in Google Map
End Point
Reckford View in OS Map | View in Google Map
Total Walk distance
10 miles
Walk difficulty
Footpaths, tracks and country lanes
The footpath from Narrow Way back to Wenhaston drops down onto the road at the location known as Peggys Stile. There is no pavement here and there is a short walk down to the pub. Keep to the right hand side of the road.


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Walk Data

Date of Walk
Walk Time
11:30 to 14:00
Weather Conditions
Warm sunny day


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