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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Rendlesham Forest and Butley Walk Summary

Salt marsh

A woodland walk, a UFO encounter, quiet country lanes and a good old country pub

This is a great way to spend a day exploring. Rendlesham forest has many trails created by the Forestry Commission in order to discover this working forest. However this trail goes off piste to discover a little more. The first notable thing of the walk is the runway close to the car park. Although now redundant, this was a RAF air base that was taken over by the USAF and was a key hub during the Cold War. The forest surrounding the base is renowned as the location of a UFO encounter by US military that occurred during December 1980 and the Forestry Commission have a trail dedicated to this. The first part of this route heads out along this trail to view the UFO sculpture that depicts the craft encountered at one of the alleged landing sites. Some claim that the forest is still subject to strange unearthly occurrences so tread carefully!

The route heads out to view the curious sculpture which substitutes as the village sign for the village of Capel St Andrew. This iron man was commissioned at the millennium and created by local sculptor Paul Richardson. It is said to represent St Andrew as a fisherman, with his left hand clutching an eel whilst his right holds a fish. He is surrounded by oak trees that once covered this landscape and at his feet is a chapel from which the word capel is derived.

The walk also pays a visit to the ruins of Butley Abbey which dates from the 12th century. All that is left is a tall arch from the original church building which is now hidden away within a group of farm buildings. Further north is the impressive building of Butley Priory which was originally a 14th century gatehouse to the abbey. These days it is renovated and used as a wedding venue.

More information on the UFO encounter can be found at An Extended Walk around the Rendlesham UFO Trail.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Leiston to Buxlow Church Ruins - Walk Summary

Salt marsh

A country ramble to the lost parish of Buxlow

This walk provides a days ramble to view the ruins of Buxlow church. Many may have never heard of the parish of Buxlow, even those local to the area, and they can be forgiven for their ignorance since the parish was consolidated with Knodishall on 22nd February 1721.

Little is left of Buxlow church, which was dedicated to St Peter. There is merely a remnant of a wall from the old round tower that now rests in the garden of a domestic house which is viewable from the track that runs between the two houses. There are suggestions that the church was one of those recorded for Knodishall in the Domesday book and records certainly show there was a rector of the parish from 1301 onwards. By the middle of the 17th century it was reported to be 'decayed and ruinated tyme out of mind' although a rectors of the parish were still being recorded up to 1716 when Robert Witchingham held the honour.

Whilst admiring this piece of history the lady from the adjacent house engaged us in conversation stating that there have been many archaeological finds in the fields to front of the ruins. She even remarked of the many Roman coins that were constantly being unearthed. This is certainly not recorded on the Suffolk Heritage website so this is merely word of mouth. This does spark the imagination as the nearby hamlet of East Green is one of the suggestions of the long lost Roman station of Sitomagus. Maybe there was a connection from East Green to Aldringham which local folklore states was was a Roman port, the river Hundred in those days said to be navigable to sea going ships.

Note that a similar walk is described on this site with an alterntive route. This can be found on the page titled A Walk Around the Churches of Knodishall and Friston.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Leiston to Reckford Circular Walk Summary

Salt marsh

A circular walk encapsulating Leiston Airfield, Theberton woods and the Minsmere River

Few may have heard of Reckford and indeed as a location it is pretty much lost in the landscape. There is a Reckford Road in the neighbouring village and there is a 16th century Reckford Farmhouse and there is the Reckford Bridge but to all intents and purposes the community of Reckford is not recognised, just a small area of the village of Middleton. Whether the area was ever judged to be a village is unknown. Nonetheless we will make it the destination of this circular walk.

The walk has much to feast ones eyes upon. The former WWII Leiston airbase commonly known as RAF Leiston hosted the USAF 357th Fighter Group who were locally known as the Yoxford Boys. Little is left although there is a memorial that pays homage to the US crews that flew out of this airfield and never returned. There are some hidden remnants in the landscape, a broken up runway that crosses the farmland, old buildings that have camoflaged themselves in the undergrowth and now either lie redundant of have been put to use as farm buildings.

The walk continues onto the broadleaved woodland known as Theberton Woods before navigating down the quiet country lanes and tracks to Reckford.

Return is along the banks of the Minsmere river to Eastbridge then back to Leiston via the Abbey ruins.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

A Walk to Baconsthorpe Castle

Salt marsh

An easy walk to view the ruins of Baconsthorpe Castle with return route to Sheringham

The remarkable ruins of the moated and fortified 15th century manor house known as Baconsthorpe Castle lie to the south of the village of Bodham on the main A148 road close to Holt. Footpaths and lanes provide access through to this isolated wonder that lie hidden in the Norfolk landscape. The Castle is currently under the tenure of English Heritage and entry is totally free. The landscaped area is surrounded by a picturesque moat and information boards document the history of the ruin. This really is something worth visiting so allow at least an hour to peruse this piece of Norfolk history.

In order to get to the start of the walk, there is a frequent seven day a week bus service linking Sheringham and Bodham. After navigation to the ruins, the return is via the village of West Beckham where there is the Wheatsheaf pub for lunches and refreshment. A footpath leads down to the main road from where permissive paths through Sheringham Park provide an interesting and pleasant route through to Upper Sheringham. This route follows the parks Temple Walk and then continues onto Park Road to emerge back on the road at Upper Sheringham. The park is open from dawn to dusk and outside of these hours one is required to walk down the B1157 which has no pavement making a hazardous route, particularly during holiday periods.

There are pavements between Upper Sheringham and the main town and the walk ends at the bus stop adjacent to the North Norfolk Railway station.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

South West Coast Path - Bucks Cross to Westward Ho!


An 8 mile walk along the South West Coast Path between Bucks Cross to Westward Ho!

A moderate walk along the cliffs to Westward Ho!, the town renowned for being the only place in Britain to have an exclamation mark in its name. This walk presents a good introduction to the South West Coast Path being under 10 miles and with few difficult or strenuous ascents and descents. There are amazing panoramas of the coastline throughout with views to Hartland in the west and Westward Ho! and north Devon to the East and North.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Eye to Hoxne Circular Walk

Hoxne village

A 10 mile walk around the Suffolk villages of Eye and Hoxne

Hoxne is said to be where St Edmund was Martyred by the Viking invaders in the 9th century. The village is full of reminders of the gruesome event including the cross which marks the place of the oak tree his assailants tied him to, beat him, fired arrows at and eventually beheaded and the bridge he reputedly hid trying to escape his captors.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Alton Water Reservoir Walk

Daisies at Alton Water

An 8 mile walk around Suffolk's Alton Water Reservoir

Located on the Shotley peninsular, the Alton Water Reservoir provides an easy walk around its water. A self contained circular route that needs little in the way of maps. Just keep the water on your left and keep walking! The mixed variety of landscapes of open meadow, woods and even the hills on the northern side of the reservoir provide a constant changing scenery throughout the walk.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

In Search of Sizewell and Thorpe Beacons


A 10 mile walk following the southern side of the parish boundary of Leiston in Suffolk

This is the second article devoted to the walk following the route of a 17th century perambulation around the southern side of the Leiston Parish boundary. This article is concentrates on two landmarks from the past, namely Sizewell and Thorpe Beacons, which are thought to have been part of the Armada warning system.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

In Search of Sizewell Chapel

Broom Covert

A 10 mile walk following the southern side of the parish boundary of Leiston in Suffolk

This walk follows the route of a 17th century perambulation around the southern side of the Leiston Parish boundary. The walk uses the ancient track down to Sizewell and continues down to Thorpe before turning inland to follow the River Hundred through to Cold Fair Green. The details are contained in two articles, this being the first, focusing on the medieval history of Sizewell.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Southwold to Blythburgh along the former Southwold Railway


A linear walk along the former trackbed of the Southwold Railway to Blythburgh

The Southwold Railway was a narrow gauge line that linked Halesworth and Southwold. This closed in 1929 but the track bed is still in existence to Blythburgh and makes an excellent walk. The White Hart pub offers a place for refreshment before returning along the same route. Outstanding views across the Blyth estuary and easy walking across heath and woodland make this a well worthwhile excursion.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Alde Valley Walk - Sweffling to Badingham

more Suffolk countryside

A circular walk through the quintessential Suffolk countryside following the River Alde

A circular walk following country lanes with a few footpaths along the Alde Valley. This is typical Suffolk countryside where one can take a lazy stroll. There are pubs to visit, three to be precise and all named the White Horse, along with three churches that are not named the White Horse!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Cleveland Way - Whitby to Robin Hoods Bay

Black Nab

An 8 mile walk following the Cleveland Way between Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay

A fairly easy ramble across the cliffs from Whitby to Robin Hoods Bay with some spectacular views and scenery. It is worth taking some additional time to wander around Whitby before embarking on this walk. But beware of the Beguist, a legendary hellhound that is said to stalk the streets of Whitby.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Cleveland Way - Saltburn to Staithes

Cleveland Way marker at Skinningrove

A 9 mile walk following the Cleveland Way between Saltburn and Staithes

This walk passes over the highest point on the east coast of England, a 670 foot high cliff at Boulby. The entire route bears the marks of numerous quarrying operations from over the centuries. The village of Skinningrove is roughly half way, and it is this place that holds a legend of a merman being captured and held in one of its cottages.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

South West Coast Path - Boscastle to Tintagel

Boscastle Harbour

An 5 mile walk along the South West Coast Path between Boscastle and Tintagel

A scenic walk that is not too much of a challenge to any seasoned walker. Rocky Valley presents a steep climb in and out but this really is a delight to behold and well worth the effort to get across it. The end of the walk is at Tintagel with all its Arthurian legend. Behold Camelot.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

South West Coast Path - Port Isaac to Polzeath

Port Isaac Haven

An 9 mile walk along the South West Coast Path between Port Isaac and Polzeath

A stunning walk that is not too challenging. It starts at the picturesque village of Port Isaac before winding its way past Port Quin and around the Rumps headland and Pentire Point before descending to the surfing Mecca of Polzeath. The scenery takes ones breath away and every turn there is something new to see.

Monday, 11 July 2016

North Walsham to Bacton Woods Circular Walk

wonky telegraph poles near Ebridge Mill pond

An 7 mile circular walk connecting the Norfolk town of North Walsham with Bacton Woods

The Norfolk countryside holds a lot of hidden gems and this walk discovers a few. The route uses country lanes and footpaths to provide an easy circular ramble. The woods are worth the effort and hold a hidden secret of the location of a gibbet on which, during the late 18th century, William Suffolk's body was hanged in chains for his murderous deeds. The return route passes the iconic Ebridge Mill and then leads onto the Weavers Way for the final section back to North Walsham

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Lincolnshire Coast Path - Wrangle to Wainfleet

Batemans brewery from the River Steeping

An 7.5 mile beach walk from Wrangle to Wainfleet

An alternative route to the coastal defence banks that provides a little more interest. Open flat farmland, tiny hamlets and a long straight footpath that was once thought to have been a Roman road. The end of the walk is at Batemans Brewery where a worthy reward of some handsome ale can be purchased in this unique setting within the confines of an old windmill.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Lincolnshire Coast Path - Boston to Wrangle

Hobhole Drain from Freiston Bridge looking north

An 10 mile beach walk from Boston to Wrangle

An alternative route to the coastal defence banks that provides a change to the marsh views. Open flat farmland, tiny hamlets, large churches and plenty of pubs along the way. Not strictly part of a coast path but this route roughly follows the coast of medieval times when Wrangle boasted the third largest harbour along this section of coastline.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Lincolnshire Coast Path - Skegness to Gibraltar Point

Beach looking towards Gibraltar Point

A 7.5 mile beach walk from Skegness to Gibraltar Point

Gibraltar Point, with its Nature Reserve, Visitor Centre and Wash Study Centre can be accessed via a dedicated road from Skegness town centre. This walk attempts to access the Point by way of the beach. It is imperative that one heeds the tide times in order to walk this route, but those doing so will be treated to some outstanding beach views and the solitude that this deserted area brings with it.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Aldeburghs Martello Tower Now Boasts an Anthony Gormley Sculpture

Martello Tower

A 7 mile walk from Thorpeness to Aldeburghs Martello Tower

For a period of 12 months starting in May 2015, a life size sculpture of a human figure will look out across the sea atop Aldeburghs Martello Tower. This is the work of Anthony Gormley, the artist who is renowned for creating the iconic Angel of the North sculpture, and is part of the celebrations to mark 50 years of the Landmark Trust.

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