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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Sandlings Walk - Martlesham to Rushmere Heath

Martlesham Heath Control Tower Museum

A 4.5 mile walk across heathland from Martlesham to Rushmere Heath on the eastern fringes of Ipswich

Like most modern towns, Ipswich is suffering from a seemingly endless amount of urban sprawl that envelops the traditional villages that once surrounded it. However, this walk follows heathland that is hidden behind the housing estates all the way from Martlesham through to Rushmere Heath and Ipswich Hospital

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Bromeswell Village Walk

St Edmunds church

A very easy 2 mile walk around the Suffolk Village of Bromeswell

The Sandlings Path avoids the busy road between Melton and the footpath across the Heathland to Rendlesham Forest by navigating around the quiet village of Bromeswell. Although only a short distance, it is worth taking ones time to explore this quiet village with its typically East Anglian church of St Edmund.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Walk around Suffolk's Minsmere Bird Reserve

Minsmere sluice

A 10 mile circular walk through the Suffolk Coastal Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty taking in Sizewell and the Minsmere Bird Reserve

One does not have to have an enthusiasm for ornithology to enjoy this walk. The natural surroundings of marshland and heathland are enough to inspire everyone and there is a lot of associated history along this route which dates back to the 12th century when Leiston Abbey once occupied an island in the marshes. Note that charges apply to the Minsmere section.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

A Walk through the Woods on Kenton and Goose Hills

Goose Hill

An 7 mile circular walk through the woodland around Sizewell on the Suffolk Coast

Suffolk is not best known for its hills and Kenton Hill and Goose Hill probably would not be regarded as hills but for their name. However this wooded area offers an ever changing scenery throughout the year with the mixture of conifer and broad leafed trees, flora and fauna and a variety of wildlife. There is also a viewing platform overlooking the Mensmere marshes

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A Walk to Walberswick

Sole Bay

A 22 mile circular walk between Leiston and Walberswick incorporating sections of the Suffolk Coast Path and Sandlings Walk.

This walk uses the beach at low tide to get from Sizewell to Walberswick, returning through Dunwich forest. Walberswick is said to be the most haunted place in Britain though one would not think it from its relaxed and laid back character, famous for its crabbing pastimes.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Walk to the Dunwich Leper Chapel

Leper Chapel

A 15 mile circular walk from Leiston to Dunwich along the Suffolk Coast Path

A simple walk up the Suffolk Coast to Dunwich to visit the 12th century ruins of the Leper Chapel. Return is across Dunwich Heath via Eastbridge using tracks including the Sandlings path.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Sandlings Walk - Snape to Knodishall

A 14 mile circular walk along the Sandlings Trail between Snape and Knodishall with return along the Sailors Path

The Sandlings path diverges from its typical heaths and forests routes for this walk which heads across open fields. The highlight of the walk is the quiet village of Friston with its Hall and fascinating Windmill.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

New Sandlings Waymarker Design

The Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Unit has started to replace the old Sandlings Waymarkers with a new design. These green plastic plaques have been mounted over the previous logo on existing fingerposts. The new plaques carry a nightjar logo and are part of resigning process that is being carried out throughout the long distance walk that links Ipswich and Southwold. During the resigning process damaged fingerposts are being replaced.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

A Trek Around Sole Bay

Sole Bay

A 24 mile circular walk between Sizewell and Southwold along the Suffolk Coast Path and Sandlings Walk.

Back in the 17th Century, Southwold was England's main fleet anchorage. Sole Bay (Sawolde Bay) was a bay centred on Southwold with Easton Ness to the North and Dunwich to the South. In May 1672 this bay was the scene of a fierce sea battle when a fleet of 75 Dutch ships took an Anglo-French fleet by surprise. There were heavy losses on both sides in this, the first naval battle of the third Anglo Dutch War, but luckily for the English fleet the wind turned to their favour resulting in their success in the battle. Today coastal erosion has straighted the coastline of the former bay and all that remains of the battle are the stories and the cannons pointing out to sea on Gun Hill.

Monday, 28 February 2011

In Search of the Lost City of Dunwich

Once upon a time Dunwich was the largest city in East Anglia.

In those days it was a busy port on the mouth of the River Dunwich that brought wealth to its citizens from shipbuilding, fishing and the wool trade. Then came the storms that ravaged this part of the coast and blocked up the harbour and the erosion which left the majority of the city beneath the waves. These days it consists of one street with a church, a pub and a small museum and the ruins of the 13th century friary. This fascinating walk uses both the Sandlings Path and the Suffolk Coast Path to create a circular walk with Dunwich at its midway point.

Monday, 30 August 2010

The Sandlings Walk

The Sandlings Waymarker

An overview of the Sandlings Walk, a 60 mile long distance path through the forests and heaths of East Suffolk

The Sandlings is a 60 mile walk from the eastern fringes of Ipswich with Southwold, linking the remaining fragments of beautiful Sandlings Heath. The trail leads through Rendlesham, Tunstall and Dunwich forests and also includes riverside walks at Woodbridge and heathland walks across Rushmere Heath, Sutton Heath, Thorpeness Common and Dunwich Heath.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Sandlings Walk - Dunwich to Southwold

The Sandlings Walk - Dunwich to Southwold
A 15 mile circular walk along the Sandlings footpath between Dunwich and Southwold, with an option of returning either via the beach or the Suffolk Coast Path through Dingle Marshes
This is the final stage of the Sandlings Walk from Ipswich to Southwold. Starting at Dunwich, it takes the trails through Dunwich Forest and heads over Walberswick Heath to Southwold. The woods are full of mushrooms and nuts and berries this time of year... and hops! This is a lovely walk through the woods and well worth the effort. To make the route circular, the return is either via Dingle Marshes, or the Suffolk Coast Path or if the tide is out then its an easy walk along the beach.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Sandlings Walk - Ipswich to Melton

boat on Deben estuary

The start of the Sandlings can be found in several points in Ipswich but we chose Rushmere Heath opposite Ipswich hospital. One thing about Ipswich is that it always reminds you that it is there despite the peacefulness of the Heath. There is constant background noise of sirens, traffic, distant motorbikes.Once past Martlesham you are then in the serenity of the countryside with all the delights of the river Deben and Martlesham Creek.


Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Sandlings Walk - Bromeswell to Snape

Wantisden church

A 16 mile walk along the Suffolk Sandlings Path between Bromeswell and Snape taking in Rendlesham and Tunstall forests

The route leads across gorse covered heathland and through forest which typifies the modern landscape of the Sandlings. The forests are a modern development, set up with the founding of Forestry Commission during the 1920's to provide Britain with a sustainable source of timber. One cannot fail to notice the twin airbases of Woodbridge and Bentwaters, the scene of a infamous military encounter with a UFO during December 1980.

Friday, 2 April 2010

The Sandlings Walk - Knodishall to Sizewell Belts

Sizewell Belts

A 9 mile circular walk that links Knodishall and Sizewell Belts along Suffolk's Sandlings Trail

An easy walk across the typical heaths and commons of Coastal East Suffolk that make up the Sandlings. Tall trees, open heathland, rabbits, woodpeckers and sandy tracks make this an enjoyable stroll.

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